The Book

Warbird Recovery- A must read “don’t try this at home” story about dealing with the Russian Mafia and KGB to try and save aviation history…

Delve into the adventure of a lifetime in Warbird Recovery, as an aviation enthusiast travels to Russia to find rare World War II aircraft.

About the book

April Fool’s Day, 1992. Author Gordon R. Page receives a call from a business associate offering him the chance to travel to Russia in hopes of acquiring a rare World War II fighter plane. He’s waited for this call for years—and it’s not a joke. Packed with action, intrigue, and danger, Warbird Recovery delivers Page’s gripping true story of his journey to Russia to recover the aircraft and fulfill a lifelong dream.

In bitter winter conditions, Page journeys to St. Petersburg, Russia, in an attempt to recover a rare German Bf 109 fighter plane. But everything about traveling in the former Soviet Union only reinforces the vast differences between cultures. Placing a call, buying lunch, and even riding in a taxi—to say nothing of buying an aircraft—prove to be strange and dangerous.
Putting his life at risk, Page discovers that he must learn to negotiate and have plenty of cash on hand to ensure both his safety and his return to the United States. Yet nothing can compare to the excitement he experiences upon finding lost aircraft. Unfortunately, chasing a childhood dream just might cost him his life.

About the Author

Gordon R. Page has been active in Colorado Aviation since the age of nine when he took his first flight in a V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza. He is a past President of the Colorado Aviation Historical Society and opened the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in Denver, the Sprit of Flight Air Museum in Denver, while continuing to travel the world in pursuit of rare and historic military aircraft. In addition to flying in several airshows each year, he owns and operates an aircraft sales and charter business. Mr. Page lives with his family in Louisville, Colorado.




What people are saying about Warbird Recovery

“A gripping, fun, and rewarding read. How can anyone with money read this book and not give to the cause? This book ranks up there with anything in “Best American Travel Writing.” What an adventure!”
-Editorial Review

“The impossible is possible in this story to preserve history.”
-Brigadier General R. Steve Ritchie – USAF Reserve (Retired)

“All these years I thought I was crazy for warbirds… I’ve met my match. Warbird Recovery is a compelling, exciting page-turner that should be read by all who’ve dreamed or are dreaming about recovering pieces of history. An owner¹s manual of the do’s and don’ts of warbird recovery.”
-Michael “Worf” Dorn, Actor, Director, Writer – Jet Pilot

“Once you get bitten by the aviation bug, the course of life takes you to dreams of flying. Gordon Page has done a wonderful job of describing his aviation course in the book Warbird Recovery. Once his dream and course was set he never let go of it, despite the dangers he faced. His spirit of flight continues.”
-Capt. Emily Howell Warner America’s first female air carrier pilot

“Warbird Recovery is an important contribution to the history of aviation, and a rare story that actually flies! A must read for all aviation enthusiasts!”
-Wolfgang Czaia, former German Luftwaffe F-104 Fighter Pilot, American Airlines 767 Captain (retired), Me262 Test Pilot

“The past and present collide in page-turning fury in Gordon Page’s epic journey to capture a dream of flight.”
-John Croft, Aviation Journalist

“One needn’t have a passion for aviation before sitting down to read Gordon Page’s Warbird Recovery. But one would find it hard to not have passion once this ride is over.”
-Col. William “Bill” Bower, USAF (Retired), Doolittle Raider Pilot

“Warbird Recovery is an incredible story about efforts to chase a dream and preserve aviation history. A great account that will inspire all who read it.”
-Col. Jack Wilhite, USAF (Retired), Red Storm Airshows-MiG 17 Pilot

The Centennial Journal- “Gordon Page Writes the adventure of a Lifetime”



Flight Journal- “Readers will be glad he wrote this story”


Warbird International- “Recovery effort reads like a novel”