RECOVERED: Hunting Jet Provost


Warbird Recovery has been involved in the recovery and restoration of several Hunting TMk-3 Jet Provost as well as a BAC TMk-5 Jet Provost. All aircraft have been surplused by the British Ministry of Defense and were imported to the U.S. where they were inspected and repaired to flying condition.







TMk-5 specifications-

Type- Two seat basic trainer/Light strike aircraft

Manufacturer- Hunting/B.A.C.-British Aerospace

Engine-(T5)single Bristol Siddeley Viper 201 Turbojet- 2500lb.(1134kb) thrust


Span: 36’10” (11.23m)

Length: 33’8.5″ (10.27m)

Height: 10’11.5″ (3.34m)

Wing Area: 213.7 Sq. Ft.(19.79m2)


Empty: 4,658lbs. (2100kg)

Loaded: 6,650lbs. (3012kg)

Maximum: 7,300lbs. (3306kg)


Max Speed at sea level: 390 MPH (627km/h) at 20,000′: 440 MPH (708 km/h)

Ceiling: 44,000 ft. (13,410m)

Range: 600 Miles (967 km)

First Flight-

Prototype: June 16th, 1954

Entered Service: As T1-August 1955 followed by T2, T3, T4, and then T5 on Sept. 3, 1969

Strikemaster: 1967


Two 0.303″ Guns
Six 60lb. or twelve 25lb. rockets
Two 100lb. or Eight 25lb. Bombs
Maximum 3000lb(1360kg) on four underwing strongpoints