RECOVERED: Lockheed T-33


This Lockheed T-33 was built for the U.S. Air force in 1951 as a primary jet trainer. After 14 years with the Air Force the plane had an unfortuante gear-up landing. Because of extensive damage it was sold to the Nobelsville Senior High School in Nobelsville, Indiana for just $20.00 to be used for ground instruction only-NOT FOR FLIGHT! The school project eventually ended up in Tampa, Florida and in July of 1988 it was sold to a collector in Denver, Colorado where it was stored in a cement mixing plant. Warbird Recovery removed the plane from the plant in May of 1999 and moved it to Jefferson County Airport, Broomfield, Colorado. The entire fuselage and wing were full of sand, dead rats and birds when the project came to Jeffco. It took two weeks to dig, scrape and Hotsy the aircraft back to presentable, and movable shape. After assessing the aircraft condition and comparing the estimated cost to rebuild to the cost of a flying example, Warbird Recovery donated the aircraft to a museum in Denver, Colorado.