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May 15, 2005- For Immediate Release

Restoration of Messerschmitt Bf109s joins the Me262 Project facilities in Everett, WA

Air Assets ™ International of Lafayette, Colorado and Bob Hammer LLC (Me262 Project) of Everett, WA have signed an agreement to complete the restoration process of two Messerschmitt Bf109 Wk. Nmrs, 10144 and 10256, both F4 models, to flying condition. The restorations will be co-located at the Me262 Project facilities in Everett, WA.

Gordon Page, President of Air Assets ™ International said “Air Assets is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Bob Hammer and his expert team to restore the Bf109s. Bob and the Me 262 Project team have done a masterful job to put aviation history back in the sky by building five flying Me262s, and we look forward to the same results on the Bf109 restorations.”

Bob Hammer, President of Bob Hammer LLC commented “We are truly pleased to have the opportunity to work with Air Assets ™ International on these exciting restorations. We have worked with Air Assets in the past as they have represented the sale of our three remaining Me262 aircraft. They have worked closely with our team and have seen how we are committed to providing quality workmanship. Air Assets and their company Warbird Recovery is just as committed to saving aviation history”.

Air Asset Intl. intends to keep one of the Messerschmitt Bf-109s to be displayed at the new Spirit of Flight Center located near Denver, Colorado. One of the Bf-109s is offered for sale. Interested parties should contact Air Assets Intl. at 303-460-1156 Ext. 21,

Established in 1997, Air Assets ™ International was formed to provide extraordinary aviation solutions around the world. Air Assets ™ International has knowledge and experience in the purchase, sale, charter and management of corporate and collectable aircraft, as well as facilities. For more information regarding the Bf109 or Me 262 sales from Air Assets ™ International , visit

Information on other Warbird Recovery efforts, including the recovery of the Bf109s, can be found at

For more information on the Bob Hammer LLC and the Me 262 Project, visit

Contact Gordon R. Page at 303-460-1156 for more information.



Warbird Recovery specializes in the worldwide recovery and restoration of rare and historic military aircraft.

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